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Lynn Bry, MD, PhD

Director, Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center, BWH

Associate Professor of Pathology, HMS

Lynn Bry, MD, PhD founded and directs the Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. With a focus on function, Center faculty and personnel define how the microbiota modulates outcomes in health and disease and leverage this information to inform clinical care. The Center provides clinical, experimental, and computational resources to study host-microbial interactions, and has supported >100 groups in the US and abroad. 

Dr. Bry trained as an anaerobic microbial geneticist, with thesis work studying anaerobe cross-talk with the gut epithelium, followed by post-doctoral training in mucosal immunology. She is a Board-certified Pathologist with specialization in Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics. She has served on national panels for the CDC, FDA and College of American Pathologists on clinical use of next-generation sequencing in patient care. In 2011, she started the Partners Pathogen Genomic Surveillance Program which supports genomic analyses of multi-drug resistant pathogens to help inform actions in infection prevention. The program is an active node on the FDA’s GenomeTrakr Network and has ongoing collaborations with NCBI and regional departments of public health to develop genomic resources for national surveillance efforts.

Her group has developed integrated multi-omic and computational systems to elucidate complex host-pathogen-commensal interactions occurring in vivo. Application of findings to Clostridioides difficile infections, and to commensal modulation of host immune responses and metabolism, have resulted in patented therapeutics and new clinical programs in disease prevention.

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