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2019: The Next Wave of AI Breakthroughs in Health Care

Harvard Medical School investigators kicked-off the 2019 World Medical Innovation Forum with rapid fire presentations of their high potential new technologies. Rising stars from Harvard-affiliated Hospitals highlighted the potential of their research in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning, and big data in ten-minute presentations. This 2020 sessions will be announced soon and will, similarly, be designed for investors, entrepreneurs, investigators, donors and others who share a passion accelerating the application of high impact technologies to the benefit of patients.

Henry Chueh, MD
Director, MGH Lab of Computer Science, MGH; Assistant Professor, Medicine, HMS
  • Dxplain: Expanding diagnostic horizons
Synho Do, MD
Director, Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation (LMIC), MGH; Assistant Professor, HMS
  • Leveraging a Deep-Learning Algorithm for the Detection of Acute Intracranial Hemorrhage
Laura Germine, PhD
Director, Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Health Technology, McLean; Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, HMS
  • The Next Generation of Cognitive and Behavioral Assessment
Satrajit Ghosh, PhD
Research Associate, MEE; Principal Research Scientist, MIT; Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology, HMS
  • Assistive Intelligent Technologies for Brain Health
Xudong Huang, PhD
Co-Director, Neurochemistry Laboratory; MGH; Associate Professor, Psychiatry, HMS
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Brain Drug Discovery
Tina Kapur, PhD
Executive Director, Image-Guided Therapy, BH; Assistant Professor, Radiology, HMS
  • Using AI to Better Visualize Needles in Ultrasound-Guided Liver Biopsies
Bharti Khurana, MD
Director, Emergency Musculoskeletal Radiology, BH; Assistant Professor, HMS
  • Making the Invisible Visible: Bringing Intimate Partner Violence into Focus
Vesela Kovacheva, MD, PhD
Attending Anesthesiologist, BH; Instructor, Anesthesiology, HMS
  • Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning to Automate Drug Infusions in the OR and ICU
Constance Lehman, MD, PhD
Chief, Breast Imaging Division, MGH; Professor of Radiology, HMS
  • AI-Based Care Delivery: A New Paradigm for Curing Cancer
Lisa Nickerson, PhD
Director, Applied Neuroimaging Statistics Lab, McLean; Assistant Professor, HMS
  • Using Digital Phenotyping and Machine Learning to Forecast, Detect, and Prevent Drug Overdose Deaths
Federico Parisi, PhD
Research Fellow, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, SRN
  • Mobile Health Technologies for Monitoring Motor Fluctuations in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Stuart Pomerantz, MD
Director, Neuro-CT, Neuroradiology, MGH; Instructor, HMS
  • AI-Powered Diagnostic Reporting for Spinal MRI of Degenerative Disease
Sandro Santagata, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pathology, BH, HMS
  • Multiplexed Tissue Imaging and Quantitative Pathology for Discovery and Translational Medicine
Joseph Schwab, MD
Chief, Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, MGH; Associate Professor, HMS
  • Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis and Management in Spine Surgery
Chris Sidey-Gibbons, PhD
Co-Director, PROVE Center, BH; Member of Faculty, HMS
  • Three Computational Techniques and One Tool to Bring the Patient Voice into Care
Hiroyuki Yoshida, PhD
Director, 3D Imaging Research, MGH; Associate Professor, Radiology, HMS
  • AI-Imaging for Patient-friendly Colon Cancer Screening
Nazlee Zebardast, MD
Instructor, Ophthalmology, MEE, HMS
  • Deep Learning for Glaucoma Detection
Li Zhou, MD, PhD
Associate Professor/Lead Investigator, BH; Associate Professor, HMS
  • Machine Learning and NLP to Track Disease Progression and Predict Health Outcomes

the Future of Medicine and AI

May 11–13, 2020 | Boston, MA