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April 8–10, 2019
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First Look

2018: The Next Wave of AI Breakthroughs in Health Care

Early career Harvard Medical School investigators kick-off the 2018 World Medical Innovation Forum with rapid fire presentations of their high potential new technologies. Nineteen rising stars from Brigham Health and Massachusetts General Hospital will give ten-minute presentations highlighting their discoveries and insights that will disrupt the field of artificial intelligence. This session is designed for investors, leaders, donors, entrepreneurs and investigators and others who share a passion for identifying emerging high-impact technologies.

2018 World Medical Innovation Forum | First Look Brochure

First Look: The Next Wave of AI Breakthroughs in Health Care

Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Surgical Pathology and Oncology
Nathalie Agar, PhD
Research Scientist, Neurosurgery, BWH; Associate Professor, HMS


Using Residual Convolutional Neural Networks to Improve Treatment of Brain Tumors
Omar Arnaout, MD
Co-Director, Computation Neuroscience Outcomes Center, Attending Neurosurgeon, Department of Neurosurgery, BWH; Member of the Faculty, HMS


Machine Learning-Based Clinical Decision Support for Laboratory Test Interpretation
Jason Baron, MD
Medical Director, Core Laboratory, MGH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Leveraging Machine Learning for Personalized Cancer Treatments
David Craft, PhD
Staff Scientist, MGH; Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, HMS


Identification of Healthcare Risks in COPD Patients Using CT and X-ray Images
Raul San Jose Estepar, PhD
Co-Director, Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory, BWH; Associate Professor, Radiology, HMS


Data Standardization for Advancing the Role of AI in Radiology
Andrey Fedorov, PhD
Assistant Professor, Radiology, BWH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Machine Learning Tools for Microbiome Diagnostics and Therapeutics Development
Georg Gerber, MD, PhD
Associate Pathologist, BWH; Assistant Professor, Pathology, HMS


Surgical Fingerprints: Real-Time Analysis and Summarization of Intraoperative Events
Daniel Hashimoto, MD
Edward D. Churchill Surgical Education and Simulation Research Fellow, MGH


Leveraging AI and Biological Networks to Functionally Interpret Vast Genetic Datasets
Kasper Lage, PhD
Director of Bioinformatics, MGH; Associate Professor, Surgery, HMS


bloodTyper: Blood Group Typing using Next Generation Sequencing
William Lane, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Lab Informatics, Assistant Director Tissue Typing Lab, BWH; Assistant Professor, HMS

Deep Learning-Enabled System for Prescreening
Quanzheng Li, PhD
Director, Center for Advanced Medical Computing and Analysis, MGH; Associate Professor, Radiology, HMS


SmartRx: A Natural Language Processing-Based Software Platform that Enables Automated, Real-Time, Querying of the EMR
Maulik Majmudar, MD
Associate Director, Healthcare Transformation Lab, MGH; Assistant Professor, Cardiology, HMS


Computable Pharmacology Through Drug Burden Scoring
Thomas McCoy, MD
Director of Research, Center for Quantitative Health, MGH; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Medicine, HMS


A Machine Learning Algorithm to Reduce Costs and Increase Quality
Ziad Obermeyer, MD
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, BWH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Extracting Muscle and Fat Metrics from Clinical CT Images Using Neural Networks
Michael Rosenthal, MD, PhD
Radiologist, BWH; Assistant Professor, Radiology, HMS


AI-Empowered Optical System for In-Vitro Fertilization
Hadi Shafiee, MD, PhD
Director, Laboratory of Micro/Nanomedicine and Digital Health, BWH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Prediction as Prevention:  A Data-Driven Approach to Identify Patients at Risk for Infection
Erica Shenoy, MD, PhD
Associate Chief, Infection Control Unit, MGH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Artificially Intelligent Sleep Analysis with Deep Neural Networks
M. Brandon Westover, MD, PhD
Director, MGH Clinical Data Animation Center, MGH; Assistant Professor, HMS


Mobile Apps: Bridging the Mental Health Treatment Gap
Sabine Wilhelm, PhD
Chief of Psychology; Director, OCD and Related Disorders Program, MGH; Professor, HMS