Meredith Schultz, MD - 2021 World Medical Innovation Forum
May 2–4, 2022
Meredith Schultz
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Meredith Schultz, MD

Executive Medical Director, Lead TME, Novartis Gene Therapies

Meredith Schultz, MD, MSc is a pediatric neurologist, accomplished clinician and researcher in gene therapy for rare neurologic disorders. She currently serves as Lead Translational Medicine Expert at Novartis Gene Therapies where she drives the early clinical development of Novartis’ gene therapy programs. Prior to joining Novartis Gene Therapies, Dr. Schultz directed the Pediatric Neuromuscular Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she served as a Principal Investigator on several gene therapy clinical trials for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and had the opportunity to treat six patients with Zolgensma gene therapy, including the first infant in the pre-symptomatic SPR1NT trial – then the youngest patient in the world to receive gene therapy. She was also instrumental in helping to initiate Novartis Gene Therapies Managed Access Program and dosed the first patient as part of this program. Dr. Schultz received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin, completed her medical residency in Pediatric Neurology at the University of Colorado, and received her Master of Science Degree in Individualized Health and Genomics from Johns Hopkins University.

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