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Matthew Frigault, MD

Clinical Director, Cellular Immunotherapy Program, MGH

Assistant Professor of Medicine, HMS

Dr. Frigault is an assistant professor of medicine at HMS and clinical director of the MGH Cellular Immunotherapy Program. His research includes prior translational aspects of cellular therapy biology and signaling while at the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Carl June and post-doctoral work during developing next generation CAR-T cell constructs for use in first-in-human studies with Dr. Marcela Maus. He has since developed many of these concepts into trials that are actively accruing. He is also focused on understanding the role of cellular therapy in difficult patient populations, including those with active CNS disease, as well as understanding mechanisms of treatment limiting toxicities, mechanisms of resistance and identification of new and emerging adverse events not previously described. His goal to broaden the applicability of immune effector cell therapy to a wider array of patient populations and improve outcomes.

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