Martine Lamfers, PhD - 2021 World Medical Innovation Forum
May 2–4, 2022
Martine Lamfers
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Martine Lamfers, PhD

Visiting Scientist, BWH

Associate Professor, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

Martine Lamfers is a biomedical scientist with a background in gene therapy and oncolytic viral therapy. She obtained her PhD in gene therapy from Leiden University and performed post-doctoral training at VU medical Center in Amsterdam and at the Neuro-Oncology laboratories at Mass General Hospital. Since 2007 she heads the Neurosurgery Laboratory of the Brain tumor Center at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and she is visiting scientist at BWH. Her work is focused on the development of novel treatments for malignant brain tumors using innovative patient-derived model systems. She has built a drug development program encompassing systematic biobanking of patient tissue and derived cells, in vitro drug screening using 2D and 3D models, molecular analysis, clinical data acquisition, bioinformatical analysis, and in vivo validation. Novel and established compounds are investigated as well as oncolytic viruses. She was involved in the preclinical development of the oncolytic adenovirus DNX2401 as well as its translation to a clinical phase I/II trial for recurrent GBM patients in the Netherlands and setting up trial-associated immune-monitoring studies. Ongoing research is focused on strategies to improve efficacy of oncolytic viral therapy as well as developing patient-derived model systems for predicting response to therapy for a specific patient.

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