Dhvanit Shah, PhD - 2022 World Medical Innovation Forum
Dhvanit Shah
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Dhvanit Shah, PhD

President & CEO, Garuda Therapeutics

Dhvanit Shah is the Founder, President, and CEO at Garuda Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Garuda Therapeutics seeks to create a world that eliminates the dependency on donor or patient cells for blood stem cell transplants. Before becoming a CEO at Garuda Tx, Dhvanit was a principal faculty at Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Associate Member at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Garuda’s foundational discoveries were made at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where Dhvanit was a principal investigator.  Garuda Therapeutics is a poster child of our hospital in how our committed faculty members are poised to taking our bench side discovery to benefits of millions of patients globally.