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Artificial Intelligence | May 11–13, 2020 | Boston, MA USA

Lisa Nickerson, PhD

  • Director, Applied Neuroimaging Statistics Lab, McLean; Assistant Professor, HMS,

Dr. Nickerson is the Director of the Applied Neuroimaging Statistics Lab and Associate Biophysicist at McLean Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Nickerson has held several NIH grants, including a NIDA K25 Career Development award and R research grants, and has won foundation funding for her research. During her K25 award, she was a Visiting Scientist at the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB) at Oxford University, where she worked with renowned pioneers in neuroimaging statistics. Dr. Nickerson’s primary research centers on the application of multivariate statistical methods, data fusion, and machine learning techniques to neuroimaging data to investigate problems of addiction. Her present NIH-funded studies involve developing novel statistical methods for combining multimodal MRI data across MRI studies and data collection sites, using multi-study MRI data to investigate brain circuits in cannabis users, and investigating brain network function in alcohol use disorder using multimodal imaging data from the Human Connectome Project. She also is in the early stages of expanding her research program to develop new methods for integrating neuroimaging data with data collected from smartphones and wearables to enhance both technologies for addiction problems.

In addition to research, Dr. Nickerson provides statistical support and training for numerous junior scientists and investigators through collaborations, mentoring, and teaching courses on imaging data analysis, statistical modeling, and advanced neuroimaging statistical methods. She is also a Biostatistics Consultant for the Harvard Catalyst.


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