Steingold, Lauren
This speaker appears at this event:

This speaker appears at this event:

Lauren Steingold

  • Head of Strategy, Uber Health, Uber

Lauren Steingold is the Head of Strategy for Uber Health at Uber – driving the company’s global efforts in healthcare. She spearheaded the launch of Uber Health, Uber’s HIPAA compliant product that enables healthcare organizations to request patient rides. Lauren was named on the San Francisco Business Times’ list of the Most Influential Women in Business in 2018. Lauren led Uber’s on demand flu prevention campaign, where riders nationwide received a flu shot from a nurse in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Before joining Uber in 2013, Lauren held roles at an advertising agency and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Covid-19 Broadcast
May 11, 2020
Live Event
May 10–12, 2021