Artificial Intelligence
April 23–25, 2018
Boston, MA • United States

Kevin Hrusovsky

  • CEO, Quanterix

With over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry, Kevin has dedicated his career to transforming the practices of medicine and health. As an outspoken advocate for the acceleration of precision health, he is committed to improving the way disease are diagnosed and treated, and throughout his career, has worked with leading scientists to detect diseases before symptoms present. As the founder of the Powering Precision Health Summit, Kevin spearheaded the creation of an executive think tank of researchers, scientists, physicians and innovators to highlight the latest research on new biomarkers that are transforming healthcare into personalized medicine. With a proven track record for commercializing disruptive technologies, Kevin serves as the CEO and Executive Chairman. Kevin also serves on the Board of Directors of several companies shaping the future of precision health, including Quanterix, BioreclamationIVT, Cellaria, Cell Signaling Technology, 908 Devices, SynapDx and Solect Energy. He also serves on the Educational Board of the Massachusetts Biotech Council, the Advisory Committee for the Center for Biomedical Engineering at Brown University, the Association for Laboratory Automation, the JALA Editorial Board, and the Strategy Committee of Children’s Hospital Boston.

Prior to Quanterix, Kevin served as CEO of Caliper Life Sciences, turning the company into one of the fastest growing biotech businesses in the region, leading to a $600-million acquisition by PerkinElmer Life Sciences & Technology. Following the acquisition, Kevin served as President of PerkinElmer. Kevin holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University and an MBA from Ohio University.

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