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Artificial Intelligence | May 11–13, 2020 | Boston, MA USA

JB Michel, PhD

  • SVP Data Science and GM USA, BenevolentAI,

PhD in Systems Biology (Harvard Medical School). Worked on antibiotic resistance, leading one of the first full-genome sequencing of a real world epidemic (B. dolosa in cystic fibrosis patients). At Palantir Technologies, led the integration of real world evidence, TCGA, and patient-level internal clinical trials at a major pharma for use in patient stratification. As Visiting Faculty at Google, worked on “research engines” to turn vast datasets (millions of books, planet-scale imagery) into scientific instruments for research (Google Books Ngram Viewer). Advisor to the Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium, which centralizes patient-level clinical trials data to further research against DMD. Honorary PhD in Data Science (Claremont Graduate University), Forbes’ 30 under 30, TED Fellow.

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