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Hakho Lee, PhD

  • Hostetter MGH Research Scholar, MGH
  • Associate Professor, Radiology, HMS

Hakho Lee, Ph.D. is Hostetter MGH Research Scholar, Associate Professor in Radiology at MGH and Harvard Medical School, and Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at MGH Center for Systems Biology. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University and completed his postdoctoral training at MGH. Dr. Lee has extensive experience in nanomaterials, biophysics, electrical engineering, and computation. His research focuses on developing novel biomedical sensors for clinical applications, for example, the world’s smallest portable NMR device, integrated circuit (IC) chips for cancer cell detection, a point-of-use device for allergen detection, and new analytical technologies for liquid biopsy.

Many of these systems have been translated clinical applications. Dr. Lee’s group also pioneered computationally-powered optical imaging. This synergistic approach records large number of cells in a single data acquisition and automatically extracts underlying molecular features beyond human recognition. His lab is currently expanding the approach to create deep-learning imaging platforms for global cancer-care applications.

Covid-19 Broadcast
May 11, 2020
Live Event
May 10–12, 2021