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Artificial Intelligence | May 11–13, 2020 | Boston, MA USA

Art Papier, MD

  • CEO, VisualDx,

Art. Papier MD is a founder of VisualDx and CEO.   A dermatologist, Art has a particular interest in designing clinical systems that leverage the human ability for pattern recognition, thereby increasing clinical accuracy and reducing diagnostic error at the point of care. In line with this goal, he has led the development of VisualDx, the first diagnostic clinical decision support system to be widely used, and to incorporate machine learning for skin rashes and lesions.  Art is also passionate about the engagement of people in their medical decisions, in consumer health, and developing tools to educate and empower patients in their homes and on their mobile devices.  The focus of his work is to assist medical decisions by professionals and people alike, with decision support and AI augmenting human intelligence.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Art received his MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and completed his graduate medical training at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He is also an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Medical Informatics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

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