Artificial Intelligence
April 23–25, 2018
Boston, MA • United States

Anthony Rosenzweig, MD

  • Chief, Cardiology Division, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Anthony Rosenzweig is the Chief of Cardiology and Co-Director of the Corrigan-Minehan Heart Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Previous leadership roles include having served as the Director of the Program in Cardiovascular Gene Therapy at MGH (1999-2006), the first Cardiovascular Program Leader at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (2004-5), an Associate Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (2003-2013), and a Trustee of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute (2008-2015), an academic CRO, as well as the Director of Cardiovascular Research and Associate Chief of Cardiology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (2006-2015).

Dr. Rosenzweig is a graduate of Harvard College, where he majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After receiving his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rosenzweig completed clinical training in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Research training included postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Drs. Jonathan and Christine Seidman, working on genetic causes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and in the laboratory of Dr. Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr., in experimental pathology.

Dr. Rosenzweig’s research has focused on common cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart failure and ischemic injury, and has used a combination of unbiased discovery platforms and hypothesis-driven approaches to identify and validate novel therapeutic targets in this context. Dr. Rosenzweig has had a consistent interest in the translational implications of basic research, and is a co-inventor on novel approaches to cardiovascular diagnosis and therapy currently licensed or in clinical trials. Dr. Rosenzweig is also a committed mentor who has personally supervised over fifty research fellows in his laboratory. Most who have left the laboratory have gone on to full-time academic faculty positions with substantial research commitments and of these, nine hold major leadership positions. In addition, Dr. Rosenzweig served as the Program Director for the BIDMC NIH cardiovascular T32 training grant and on the Scientific Board of the Sarnoff Foundation, an organization devoted to mentoring young investigators.

Previous awards and honors include a National Merit Scholarship, the Roman W. DeSanctis Clinical Scholar Award, an Established Investigator Award of the American Heart Association, and election into the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and the American Association of Physicians (AAP).

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