Oncolytic Viruses in Cancer | Curing Melanoma and Beyond - 2021 World Medical Innovation Forum
May 2–4, 2022

Oncolytic Viruses in Cancer | Curing Melanoma and Beyond

Oncolytic Viruses in Cancer | Curing Melanoma and Beyond

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

1:15 PM – 1:40 PM

Oncolytic viruses represent a powerful new technology, but so far an FDA-approved oncolytic (Imlygic) has only occurred in one area – melanoma and that what is in 2015. This panel involves some of the protagonists of this early success story.  They will explore why and how Imlygic became approved and its path to commercialization.  Yet, no other cancer indications exist for Imlygic, unlike the expansion of FDA-approved indication for immune checkpoint inhibitors to multiple cancers.  Why? Is there a limitation to what and which cancers can target?  Is the mode of administration a problem?

No other oncolytic virus therapy has been approved since 2015. Where will the next success story come from and why?  Will these therapies only be beneficial for skin cancers or other easily accessible cancers based on intratumoral delivery?

The panel will examine whether the preclinical models that have been developed for other cancer treatment modalities will be useful for oncolytic viruses.  It will also assess the extent pre-clinical development challenges have slowed the development of OVs.

Nino Chiocca, MD, PhD
  • Neurosurgeon-in-Chief and Chairman, Neurosurgery, BWH
  • Harvey W. Cushing Professor of Neurosurgery, HMS
Robert Coffin, PhD
  • Chief Research & Development Officer, Replimune
Roger Perlmutter, MD, PhD
  • CEO, Eikon Therapeutics
David Reese, MD
  • Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Amgen
Ann Silk, MD
  • Physician, Dana Farber-Brigham and Women's Cancer Center
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, HMS
  • Q&A

    01:45 PM – 02:00 PM

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