Gene Editing | Achieving Therapeutic Mainstream - 2021 World Medical Innovation Forum
May 2–4, 2022

Gene Editing | Achieving Therapeutic Mainstream

Gene Editing | Achieving Therapeutic Mainstream

Thursday, May 20, 2021

2:55 PM – 3:20 PM
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Gene editing was recognized by the Nobel Committee as “one of gene technology’s sharpest tools, having a revolutionary impact on life sciences.” Introduced in 2011, gene editing is used to modify DNA. It has applications across almost all categories of disease and is also being used in agriculture and public health.

Today’s panel is made up of pioneers who represent foundational aspects of gene editing.  They will discuss the movement of the technology into the therapeutic mainstream.

  • Successes in gene editing – lessons learned from late-stage assets (sickle cell, ophthalmology)
  • When to use what editing tool – pros and cons of traditional gene-editing v. base editing.  Is prime editing the future? Specific use cases for epigenetic editing.
  • When we reach widespread clinical use – role of off-target editing – is the risk real?  How will we mitigate? How practical is patient-specific off-target evaluation?
J. Keith Joung, MD, PhD
  • Robert B. Colvin, M.D. Endowed Chair in Pathology & Pathologist, MGH
  • Professor of Pathology, HMS
John Evans
  • CEO, Beam Therapeutics
Rachel Haurwitz, PhD
  • President & CEO, Caribou Biosciences, Inc.
Lisa Michaels, MD
  • EVP & CMO, Editas Medicine
  • Q&A

    03:25 PM – 03:50 PM

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