GCT | The China Juggernaut - 2021 World Medical Innovation Forum
May 2–4, 2022

GCT | The China Juggernaut

GCT | The China Juggernaut

Thursday, May 20, 2021

8:00 AM – 8:25 AM

China embraced gene and cell therapies early. The first China gene therapy clinical trial was in 1991. China approved the world’s first gene therapy product in 2003—Gendicine—an oncolytic adenovirus for the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer.  Driven by broad national strategy, China has become a hotbed of GCT development, ranking second in the world with more than 1,000 clinical trials either conducted or underway and thousands of related patents.  It has a booming GCT biotech sector, led by more than 45 local companies with growing IND pipelines.

In late 1990, a T cell-based immunotherapy, cytokine-induced killer (CIK) therapy became a popular modality in the clinic in China for tumor treatment.  In early 2010, Chinese researchers started to carry out domestic CAR T trials inspired by several important reports suggested the great antitumor function of CAR T cells. Now, China became the country with the most registered CAR T trials, CAR T therapy is flourishing in China.

The Chinese GCT ecosystem has increasingly rich local innovation and growing complement of development and investment partnerships – and also many subtleties.

This panel, consisting of leaders from the China GCT corporate, investor, research and entrepreneurial communities, will consider strategic questions on the growth of the gene and cell therapy industry in China, areas of greatest strength, evolving regulatory framework, early successes and products expected to reach the US and world market.

Min Wu, PhD
  • Managing Director, Fosun Health Fund
Alvin Luk, PhD
  • CEO, Neurophth Therapeutics
Pin Wang, PhD
  • CSO, Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Richard Wang, PhD
  • VP & CTO, Fosun Pharma
Tian Xu, PhD
  • Vice President, Westlake University
Shunfei Yan, PhD
  • Investment Manager, InnoStar Capital
  • Q&A

    08:30 AM – 08:45 AM

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