Disrupting Interventions - 2022 World Medical Innovation Forum

Disrupting Interventions

Disrupting Interventions

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

8:50 AM – 9:30 AM America Ballroom View Here

This panel will explore how GCT technology could lead to disruptions in other areas of medicine, including surgery and medical devices, over the next several years. Could cell replacement therapy in diabetes advance enough to reduce the need for diabetes pumps or insulin? Will stem-cell-based methods for regenerating cartilage advance rapidly enough to disrupt the number of patients seeking hip and knee replacements? How is GCT driving innovations in surgical techniques?

John Fish
  • Chairman & CEO, Suffolk
  • Chair, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Robert Higgins, MD
  • President, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Executive Vice President, Mass General Brigham
Irina Antonijevic, MD, PhD
  • CMO and Head of R&D, Triplet Therapeutics, Inc.
Rachel McMinn, PhD
  • Founder & CEO, Neurogene
Harith Rajagopalan, MD, PhD
  • CEO & Co-Founder, Fractyl Health
Bastiano Sanna, PhD
  • EVP, Chief of Cell & Gene Therapies and VCGT Site Head, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Jeffrey Schweitzer, MD, PhD
  • Neurosurgeon, MGH
  • Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, HMS