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April 8–10, 2019
Boston, MA • United States

Panel Topics*

AI and Gene Sequencing
Can AI Based Drug Development Feed A Hungry Pipeline?
Driving Down the Cost of Trials with Real World and Real Time Evidence
Drug Therapy Redefined Through Machine Learning
Illuminating the Path to Physician Empowerment: Increasing Empowerment, Decreasing Burnout
Learning Computers in Healthcare: Challenges, Requirements and Opportunities
Machine Learning in Image Analysis: A Diagnostician's Best Friend...or Replacement?
Paying for AI: Thinking Strategically About Reimbursements and Acceptance
Reconceiving Medical Device in an AI Dominated Environment
Reflecting on the Impact of AI in the Clinic and the Lab: Chairs Roundtable
Regulating AI in Healthcare, Requirements and Challenges
Smart EHRs: An Unsupervised Learning Problem
Tangible Returns on the AI Value Proposition
The AI Opportunity: A True Industry Inflection Point: CEO Roundtable
The Learning Provider: AI in Hospital Environments
Will AI Bend the Cost and Access Curve


*Under Development