Artificial Intelligence
April 23–25, 2018
Boston, MA • United States

Panel Topics*

A New View for Physicians, A New Reality for Patients

A New Weapon and A New Approach in the Fight Against Cancer

AI and Humankind

Bending the Cost and Access Curve Using AI

Can AI Based Drug Development Feed a Hungry Pipeline?

Changing the Economics of an Industry - Perspectives From Leaders in Big Pharma

Driving Down the Cost of Trials With Real World and Real Time Evidence

Driving Investor Returns on HC AI

Finding Operational Efficiency through Back-office Automation

Illuminating the Path to Physician Empowerment

Looking to AI for Better Alignment and Synchronization Between Payers and Providers

Machine Learning in Image Analysis: A Diagnostician's Best Friend... or Replacement?

My GPU is A Neural Net Processor, A Learning Computer

Regulate This!!!

Smaller, Smarter, Faster

Smart EHRs: An Unsupervised Learning Problem

*Under Development